Creatives have an edge. We come to some things intuitively that other folks seem to struggle with. Not that any of us are “all that.” But because I’ve lived long enough in my own skin, while contemplating how others process, I’ve come to appreciate the value of made things as language for intangibles that are even more important. An image or a poem, a story or a song can be a significant carrier for meaning that bullet points can never touch. You may already be pondering some examples where your soul was deeply moved. Is a desire for something you don’t yet even know how to name wafting in under your tightly shut front door?

This site is a record of thoughtful work from one creative who has become convinced that the world and its promise is ultimately, of itself, only a dead end; but that God is real, in the room already, and at work.

Interested? Please explore these pages at your own pace. You will find some reasons for sharpening your own hope here. And I am looking for those who are looking, so don’t hesitate to leave a trace.