between Heaven and Earth

I shot this image yesterday as I was hurrying to pack up and deliver some work to a gallery. I did not want to bother un-framing this one, so I just snapped a quick pixelated record through the glass. What is cool though, is that you can see me shooting in the reflection; it’s as if I live in this piece and indeed I do. This is a simple sumi ink drawing, entitled “Between Heaven and Earth.” It shows the far horizon, it shows the expanse of air and ground, compressed symbolically on a 2D surface. it shows the tangled vista that must be got through before the horizon. It’s all there; it seems always to be there.

2013 was a very strange year for me emotionally, there are reasons for that, but to me the more important thing to talk about (and to do in my art) is my response with what is all broken on the ground. How do I see clear? A couple times this year, I heard myself slowly saying out loud “I do not know how to think about that…” Indeed. I can think a lot of stuff through but some deep things are beyond thinking and full understanding. Maybe this is where art becomes such important language for me, even as I grab and go with it sometimes (like in this quick shot).

If my little drawing sells, I am in trouble for I do not have a good enough image of it. But I do have this image and for me, this is pretty poignant.

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