fragile return

A friend gave me this lovely plant as I have been grieving the loss of my Mother. Yellow was my Mom’s favorite color. Mom would have enjoyed seeing how lovely this is, such a tender reminder. I am not a great plant person, so I hope I can keep this alive to bloom again. It is so interesting to me. These tender orchid blooms emerge out of long tendrils, pencil-like stalks. And the long blooming stalks (which look like nothing when they appear out of the base of the much showier leaves) need to be supported as they lengthen. For it is out of these emerging outgrowths, that the beautiful blooms finally appear. Someone else set up the support on my bloomed stalk. I am told that without that support the bloom simply would not have happened.

Friday, I received back a huge box from the Monotype show in Massachusetts. I have been traveling, so I forgot about this simultaneously traveling piece of artwork. It was neat to have my piece “Selah” come back to my door. I had set up return shipping, and without any more effort, my piece came back.

This whole paradox between effort and supplied reward in time has me musing. And the reality of fragility…That anything so beautiful exists for any length of time is quite extraordinary here, it seems to me. My heart feels as fragile as these blooms. But I can feel the support right inside my heart.

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