If someone were to ask me “what is the most fun thing you ever did?” I would easily say, taking my grandsons through the Metropolitan Museum of Art! They flew all the way out from their west coast to a family wedding. Our son flagged us to join them in NYC afterwards and we jumped in the car (retirement has it’s great rewards)! Another close to me said “mom, don’t get your hopes up, the boys won’t be interested.” Well, that only made me work harder to set up something that could keep three school age boys alert in one of my favorite buildings on earth!

Here are just a couple fun shots. We investigated the motivations of artists through history. From Greek dynamism to the Egyptian funerary rules. From Renaissance perspective to Contemporary abstraction, the boys stayed engaged sketching, and questioning for 4.5 hours! Am I excited? The images give a glimpse of a most fun day. I think what was gathered here won’t soon be forgotten. I know I won’t!

6 thoughts on “engagement

  1. Lucy

    How precious this gift of time and experience to be and engage with your grandchildren! We have 4 and I grew another heart when the first one was born.
    I have a question…what was the one writing down on his piece of paper?!

    1. marynees Post author

      you know, that day was a dash! So much fun, and now 5 months ago, I cant tell you! Kind of sad, but also good, for I could not control nor supervise all that was caught on that favorite of days. Thanks for asking and for reading Lucy!


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