No Prisoner Be

“No Prisoner be—
Where Liberty—
Himself—abide with Thee”

Emily Dickinson,#720, 1863

My husband and I have a very dear friend who is a Prince of a man: gentle, wise and selfless are just the starting points describing the deep character of this man. My husband taught with him overseas, and labored with this man on the board of our church. Our son and daughter were both treated under his watch-care as an orthopedic surgeon.

Our friend sits right now in Federal prison, having been framed by arrogant and over zealous young prosecutors in a quick show trail. They made much noise to nab a professional over some scam that a group of people tried to pull to gain fraudulent disability payments. The evidence of our friend’s innocence was not even allowed, was apparently not even looked at in appeal. This is the crime.

What used to be called the Justice system is now a mockery to us, from first hand experience. If our friend, maybe the most blameless man we know, could be framed, then none of us are safe here and now, even in innocence.

And this man? Though he once worked as a celebrated leader serving any comers in a clinic for the poor, he now works as a tailor, using a sewing machine to mend prison garb. And he labors to mend hearts there too. He is teaching a small group the words of the great prophet Isaiah; he is mentoring a growing group of Christian leaders in their midst, modeling forgiveness and enduring faith; and, our friend is learning Greek so he can better read the original language of the New Testament.

He is not a prisoner, he is a saint; I made this for him.


4 thoughts on “No Prisoner Be

  1. Lynn Severance

    It is amazing what God will do with one whose heart is open and able to forgive. He enhances eyes to see how to thrive using talents and skills in a new way. Even in a “prison” environment, your friend remains free.

    Thanks for sharing his inspiring story.

    1. Mary B. Nees Post author

      Lynn thanks for commenting. This man and another there he serves with (also innocent) are modern day Josephs. That place is blessed and the other men know it. Some of the others watching ask in wonder “why are you here?!” Their group is growing!

    1. Mary B. Nees Post author

      His wife and kids are the ones who are suffering more Debbie, but they are amazing too as God prepared them all before this came down. Sometimes I struggle with anger, this man amazingly does not! Thanks for commenting and for praying!


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