I took this quick shot this morning for a friend. Her sweet Mom (now gone) had given me this card table years ago for a wedding present. I hauled it yet another time today along with my display panel and 30 small pieces for a show at the Storytelling festival this weekend in Jonesborough, TN. This is what the set up looks like naked, reminding me of the gift and the giver. These kindnesses are the bones of what has come after.

Maybe later I will post the finished set up, dressed and ready for company as travelers to the festival consider my work and that of other artisans hoping to coax their interest.
It was a stunning day, this October 1st. Here is what Emily (# 1422) had to say about this month, and I thought it good to add:


Summer has two Beginnings–

Beginning once in June–

Beginning in October

Affectingly again–


Without, perhaps, the Riot

But graphicker for Grace–

As finer is a going

Than a remaining Face—


Departing then—forever—

Forever—until May—

Forever is deciduous—

Except to those who die–

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    1. Mary B. Nees Post author

      Elly are you subscribed to my blog? I see only 3 and wonder, we just worked on it to try to get it fixed. Hope you’re having a good day, praying, fun to see jolene who looks like her Mom!


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