good egg (or after Emily: “awed by my errand”)

I’m aching to get back to work…but there’s other work to do-
This morning when I timed his eggs I found a little clue.
There in my trusty cookbook, from many years gone by,
The yellowed pages, torn, so dated, startled me “Oh My!”

I do not feel like an antique, though things around me show
That time has passed, so much time has passed!
Yet in my insides “No!”
What is this mystery of deep down soul that feels forever young?
That holds some torch through every storm, and still is want to run?

My mind’s distracted by “many things” that I need to do.
But here’s a clue that touches close to such a different view–
That what’s inside me does not age.
Creator’s gift is true!
So I can rest, we’ll get it done, what He has planned to do.


(and Happy Birthday to our first born–forever young)

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