cracks in the ice

It’s been a long winter. But before we forget it, I want to post today a couple images I caught before having to turn my “device” off on a plane. This was an unusually frozen lake in February. The light was just right coming in to land. I wish I had a hundred more of the momentary views my eyes were rejoicing in. Certainly there is a zeitgeist of brokenness in the art of our time; look around you, you will see it everywhere. Artists are displaying broken lines and fractured planes, fractured ideas, and mourning. Some artists are serious, some are mocking, some attempting denial, some are angry, but all I think are noting the brokenness and trying to make sense in it. These images I shot are just value studies, maybe prompters for work in the future. The depth of value, the subtle color, the variance of line, and yes: the sense of terror under this beauty, these all speak to me. I hope this catches your attention too?


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