casting on waters

This past week we picked up 12 pieces that were on display at a University outside Philadelphia. Cairn University is a unique training place for young believers who want to impact culture Biblically. It was a privilege to hang work there. As we packed up we got to meet the President, Dr. Todd Williams, “it was a God thing” he said kindly to us. Then he took us up to see a large piece hanging in their new building that he is (and should be) very proud of. This piece, called “Tree Grace Two” is the first work of art commissioned by a Christian college, and some forward thinking donors moved this visual accomplishment forward. The piece is by well-known Christian artist, Makoto Fujimura. This is a quick shot from my iphone and Mako might well want it seen better. But he too, I know from his writings and having met him once briefly, is making his work to speak beyond him in ways he may never get to realize in a present tense, or quick caught way. There is a lot about making visual work that is a casting forward, and the displaying of it also is an exercise in faith. Faith that is grounded in sure promise is a very good investment. A wisest investor (who was also a poet) once said it this way: “Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days.” There is so much in that pregnant promise; in fact I am visualizing more work even as I type this verse out.

I am casting this promise out there for you to ponder too. I have received my work back, safe and sound. What it accomplished while it was “out there” is a confident trust that I own also. Yes, and there is more coming.

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