I reorganized my studio a couple weeks ago, clearing away mess, finding some old gems in the midst (that started sparks), setting up an ideas parking spot, better configuring cords and other safety issues, making a wider work area. . . it has been pretty liberating and the hours I have spent there so far have been fruitful and hold promise for more. This is one of the prevailing ideas for this year: “SPEND IT” Spend the time, spend the risks, spend the agony at wondering what in the world I am really doing. Spend the materials, just use them up! Don’t leave them in drawers, they are waiting for something to happen. Spend all the over-thinking and the self-critiquing, just spend it into more work that needs to be thought out and critiqued. Work bunches at a time, something is going to happen.
Here is one successful result, done primarily with cold wax. It is called “The Fields are White”

One thought on “Spending

  1. Delro

    Thanks for reminding me to “spend it”. I’m giving myself permission to take more risks. Got a mess going on in my studio (as I use up the materials) and don’t know what will come out of it, but I will trust God and hope new and exciting things will happen.


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