in the mean time

I believe in the resurrection. It is the only reason I have such outlandish hope. The language itself tells the meaning: re- (again) + surgere (to rise). We sit today considering this, again. For recently we ‘lost’ to this life a baby who had a name and a very specific body. She looked so much like her mother, our daughter. Her very DNA was a unique weaving. Her toes, like all of her body were perfect and recognizable. Re- (again) + cognizable (to know from previous knowing). Her weight was significantly heavy, weighty, and substantive. Holding her felt like a beginning, not an end, though it was an end in time. It was a beginning too, for her weight held a tangible hope: that such a unique weaving was not made for loss alone, never to be further enjoyed; that her body was precious and held an equally precious soul. We knew her in the few hours we had. There was a knowing there that was sure, that nothing, even death can take away. Death is a thief, an enemy, a terribly mean robber. Death halts creation. But death does not have the last word.

In this mean time also there was once a down payment made, a rescue, a first fruits resurrection of an incorruptible life, a ransom made for my life and for hers. Jesus promised He would do this and then come again. He is the great re-maker.He is the only re-storer. He does not clean the slate and start over with better stuff; he takes what was damaged and makes it new again. This is why he is my champion. He is the creator. He is the re-creator. He was the first word, He is the last word, He came into mean time. He now has transcended it. There is not another like Him. He purchased my hope with His own blood. The very substance of it all is a sure sign of what is to come.

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  1. GreenXia

    When the moment I opened the homepage, the word”treasureland”came out. I know so little about those Artworks, the design,your paintings, with or without colour, so all my words couldn’t be “comment” at all, only kind of feeling, some are stirring,some are calming,some are glamorous even in a low-profile way; And this picture above, revealed all the pain from yours and Lawrence’s eyes. People with birth defect are said to be the apples bited by GOD, the more you lost, the more GOD loves your fragrance. She must be the most beautiful apple that GOD father made a mistake, while she shouldn’t suffer that lot as a human. Mary, you believe him, so let us wait for another miracle which is totally ready.


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